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Personal Life Coaching

Professional women feel torn between career, children, aging parents, and the stresses of life. Sometimes you just need a little extra help getting unstuck.

I’ve been there and can help you achieve clarity and balance.

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“It’s great because you put your own personal story in it first instead of just lecturing us.” – Sunita S.


If you are a successful mid-career woman who feels stuck on your professional or personal journey, you’ve landed at the right place. The fact is: professional women are more burnt out than ever.

When I was stuck, [Jenny] helped me "see" possibilities for gaining clarity.

About Me

Like you, I was already a successful academic leader, a called-on academic expert at local and national levels, and had seats at the proverbial “big boy” tables. On the outside, it looked like I “had it all.” But, when I really dug deep down, I was questioning if my day-to-day life was really bringing me fulfillment—personally or professionally. I realized that I was…stuck. I decided I was ready for a coach when I was ready to be honest with the things that weren’t making me truly happy —despite my success at climbing the ladder. 

Coaching changed my life. My coach helped me re-define happiness, gave me the skills to advocate for myself, shifted my reliance on the expectations of others, and more. The experience created such a pivotal shift in my career, homelife, and mindset that I decided to go through the intensive training to become a coach myself!

I am now ready to help women like you change YOUR life just like my coach helped me change mine.

Jenny’s coaching clarified my goals, strategies, and tactics. She listened carefully to identify and challenge self-limiting thoughts. Her energy and creativity are contagious and fuel a vision of possibility.

What Is Coaching?

When you have the skills to untangle your thoughts, get clarity on what you really want to do mid- or late- career, and know the expectations, language, and negotiation skills of those steps ahead of you, you can achieve your dreams. 

Many of us get stuck because we’re full-steam ahead juggling sooooo many professional and personal responsibilities that we don’t have the time or bandwidth to “pause” and focus on ourselves.

If you’re ready to get unstuck, let’s work together! You CAN take the baby steps now to make your vision and dreams a reality.

Let this be the year you invest in YOU!

What you get:

  • one-on-one coaching
  • lifetime access to skill-building modules
  • …and more.

Not sure if you’re ready?

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Jenny “helped me clarify what I really want at this point in my career and life.”

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