Jenny Christner

Keynote Speaking

Engaging and Educating Audiences

Dr. Christner is a frequently sought after speaker. With her decades of experience speaking on national stages, combined with her work in theater  and improv training, her presentations are known for engaging audiences like no other.  

As an expert in change management, organizational culture and teamwork, she offers motivational and skills-building presentations for small and large groups alike. 

Your audience will not only be entertained, but learn immediately applicable know-how that will benefit not only themselves, but their industry.

It only took a few minutes for me to lose count of the number of attendees who came up to me to rave about your talk today.  For this group of program directors, program coordinators, department chairs, and assorted faculty, you hit all the right notes. Your talk was instructive and inspiring, and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Thanks for a great talk – we really appreciate it.

Herb G. Garrison, MD, MPH
Brody School of Medicine – East Carolina University

Speaking Experience

Association for Hospital Medical Education Logo

Association for Hospital Medical Education

In December, 2022, Dr. Christner spoke at the AHME COPAC Webinar “Life Cycle of a Program Coordinator: What to Know at Each Career Stage

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The White Coat Investor

Dr. Christner was a featured speaker at the White Coat Investor conference in 2021 and 2022.

Jenny Christner

Dr. Christner recently participated in our surgery education day. She was a phenomenal speaker virtually, keeping the audience engaged and invested. She gave clear points that we could take away to help improve the feedback we give our students and residents. We are structuring our evaluations differently from the clear teaching that Dr. Christner presented to us.

Ami Shah, MD
Surgery Clerkship Director
Rush Medical College University

Frequently Requested Speaking Topics

  • No One Promotes You Like You: My Top 10 Tips for Getting Ahead in Academia
  • Personal Branding 101: Why You Need to Just Do It!
  • Utilizing Improv Techniques to Improve Communication and Teamwork
  • Lil of This, Lil of That – Toolbox for Teamwork
  • Leading From the Middle
  • Leadership Pearls – The Top 10 Things All Leaders Should Do